Sunday, 12 June 2011

We are now known as MINISTRY OF MOMS (MoMs)

We will be moving to a hosted website soon to serve you better.

For now, we are now known as MINISTRY OF MOMS (replacing MOMS UNITED), we wanted a name that everyone could relate with, catchy and easy to remember. Nevertheless, our objective is still the same.

Bear with us with the changes from time to time as we're in for something BIG, LASTING and of course BENEFICIAL for every Moms! :-)

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Do you have a legitimate business that MOMMIES can do from home?

Do share with us!

Write to us at and we will post it up FREE for you!


Monday, 6 June 2011

Join our Mom's FORUM!

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Let's post / share it here at the Mom's United Forum.

To go to the FORUM, Just click on the HUGE yellow button (see below), and then you're in! 

Chat away mommies!


Friday, 3 June 2011

I Love Home-y products for kiddies!

If there is one thing that parents would love to have, are products that would come in handy during travelling. And from time to time, we will feature products that would definitely come in handy should you need them.

Check out these products from I HOME. Operating its online shop from Facebook, do visit them from time to time for cool product updates!

You wont be dissapointed if you join the group too, for the owner would update you from time to time whenever there are new arrivals.

Some of the products we love are the Pillopets and Little Life Backpacks.

If your kids have trouble sleeping (even adults would LOVE this too!), you might want to get one cuddly, cute Pillopets for them. Come in a form of Ladybug, Tortoise, Elephant, Sheep, etc, every kids will never be able to resist the temptation to have one (recommended for toddlers of age 1 & above).

Check out these cuddly pets!

You might want to check out these cute back packs too! They are big enough to put in a drinking bottle, some snacks, diapers and extra clothing (measurement :  35cm X 28cm X 16cm).

For further details and more infos on the pricing, availability and delivery, do visit their online shop (click here) on Facebook.

You may also reach them at or MSN at

Have fun shopping!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Now all babies can go Boogie!

Recently, we saw the launch of a local Online Baby Store and we immediately jumped onto our faithful dining chair at home, putting on a thinking cap and do a research on yet another cool online baby store brought directly (all products are sourced from overseas) to all you Mommies out there who simply loves (and can't resist) shopping online!

We were attracted to the store's catchy name of course and apparently, according to its friendly founder/owner (non other than the lovely Sheahnee Iman Lee - one of our favorite Newscaster from NTV7) the name was actually taken from a famous baby song in Sesame Street (her daughter Zara loves it!)!

BuggyBabyBoogie aimed to bring in the latest must have items from overseas without burning a hole in your pocket.

They hope to bring in quality and practical products for all you Mommies and in the event you can't find any, you are welcome to drop them a note with ideas and suggestions too.

One way or another BuggyBabyBoogie will find its way to source those items and bring it to you!

Check out BuggyBabyBoogie's colourful (the standard colour black is so yesterday) MummyBug Nursing Ponchos (wear it anytime, anywhere outdoor) and the stylish Booboop Ultimate Diaper Bag (see below visual) that could fit all those must-have items when you are out travelling or gallivanting at the mall with the little one!

We also love its complete range of Cherubs baby products as they are not only natural, but is also certified organic and is extremely gentle to babies' skin.

We swear with the efficacy of the Skin Soothe (see below visual) which is good for mosquito bites (keep it in the fridge to get the super cooling and calming effect) and Skin Balm (great for nappy rash!) as we use it on our toddler and on ourselves (the Skin Soothe lotion of course!) too!

At Mom's United, we love promoting upcoming online stores that we believe will bring more goodies for you Mommies out there! So stay tuned and be sure to check out BuggyBabyBoogie from time to time for updates on their latest products and promotions!

We can't wait to be surprised either!

Look Momma, it's ALEXIS ROOM!

As catchy as it may sound, the name ALEXIS ROOM could be mistakenly confused as one of the room decors suppliers in town, NOT!

In fact, Alexis Room is an upcoming children clothing blogshop where Korean children fashion style is brought to you directly at affordable prices. Every pieces displayed on the blogshop pages are ready stocked, unique and cleverly mixed and matched to ensure that they are not out of fashion.

Most importantly, the material quality is made to suit our Malaysian hot and humid weather. So to all our dear Mommies, dont worry about the clothes being neither too thick nor heavy.

All clothes were imported directly from Korea and you can be assured of its their quality and up-to-date fashion.

Check out their blogshop from time to time for new arrivals and promotions! Every pieces are limitedly ordered.

To order these cuties, you can either complete the online form or write to them directly at

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hooked on Cupcakes!

Who doesn’t love Cupcakes?

Those mouthwatering soft mini muffins that comes in pretty multicolored toppings of various flavors.

One of our all time favorites would definitely come from Cupcake Chic. We have no idea what they put in their cupcakes – but eating them can make you really addicted.

Most cupcakes that we know of in the market don’t come cheap either, thanks to the imported ingredients and laborious time spent in the kitchen baking those babies J

Cupcake Chic have several outlets in Malaysia and they have recently launched  a franchise program to expand their business nationwide. If you love cupcakes, good at baking and at the same time dreamt of having your own small cake shop, it’s worth checking out their program. Click HERE for further information.

They even cater to parties, weddings, full moon, etc!

Visit Cupcake Chic for further info and don’t forget to drop by at any of their outlets to grab a bite on one of their heavenly bakes! We bet you'll get hooked!